Features of Our Height Detectors:

  • Spring assembly guaranteed for life.
  • Four models from which to choose--available with or without sound detector.
  • Left- or right-hand installation.
  • Structural steel.
  • Lettering available for any desired height or language.
  • No anchor bolts or templates needed.
  • Direct burial.
  • Easy to install to desired height.
  • No shipping delays. Same-day shipping if order is received before noon, or next-day shipping if order is received after noon. See the Shipping Crate Dimensions.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Always swings back into position over traffic lane of drive-thru.
  • Easy ordering, by fax or e-mail.
  • Option of sign on arm, available for an additional cost.
    Custom-designed height detectors are available, upon request.
  • Installation available world-wide! (negotiable)
Height Detector
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